In a peaceful way, of course!

More than ever –  the world needs 
more C
reative, Innovative and Transformational  Leaders  to help establish the Golden Age of the new era.

 I am dedicated to helping make this happen. 

Indeed, 2024 will be revolutionary because it is spiritual, cosmological and evolutionary event.  

Actually, we are in a process of transmutation as a human race.  

We are in the midst of a massive challenge and transformation as we move into a new era.

The new era involves the whole solar system and the cosmos. It is the beginning not only of a new Age, but also a new Great Age. 

This time period is known as the 'End of Time' which is really the end of the old Age and the beginning of a new one.

It is a time of great destruction and a time of great creativity.   

Hi! I'm Geneviève Lucette. I'm a Mystic and Author. Youthful inspiration led me to a fascination about the Mysteries of Life and my own Mystery. Unexpectedly the opportunity to study Western Wisdom Traditions presented itself. 

Today, my work is the result of these studies, and experiential knowledge I acquired through a long series of Quantum Retreats.  

"Truth did not come into the world naked but it came in types and images. 
One will not receive truth in any other way.
One must enter through the image into the truth." 
~ Gospel of Philip 

The new era involves the whole solar system and the cosmos. It is the beginning not only of a new Age, but also a new Great Age. 

This is a huge opportunity and blessing, and moment in our lives. 

It is a moment in time that has to be grasped.

The energy of the great wave is received according to the planetary time solar power points, our receptivity and responsiveness, creativity and individual karma.   

It is up to us to be in the in the right place at the right time, and in the right consciousness. 

It is up to us to be of service, helping as many people as possible to receive and be lifted by this Great Light. 


One-on-One 7- Day Quantum Retreat 

- Entering Through The Image -

With Geneviève Lucette  

I am offering to qualified creative leaders a One-on-One 7- Day Quantum Retreat to achieve decades of progress in a such short time.

As you enter through the image and unlock its power, you'll discover a novel fact – that the power of the image can provide insights and  visions, leading to breakthroughs.  

Your participation into the Universal Life and Play will become your experiential knowledge, and your own truth.

In doing so, they will become the pioneers in the new era who establish the new Golden Age, with the inspiration and guidance of the Master Souls and Angels. 

A Golden Age of freedom, harmony, wisdom, prosperity and peace. 

I am dedicated to helping make this happen.

The retreat is designed to create an atmosphere of openness, so that you may enter through the image and gateway into a mystical realm that transcends time and space. 

It's mind blowing!  Incredible! And effortless, if you set up the right conditions.

The One-on-One Quantum Retreat is available at certain times of the year to synchronize with the major planetary solar power points; each one is a vortex of energy or chakra in time.  

To know and work with these solar power points well is a secret of prosperity and success. 

Each solar power points marks a gateway between Heaven and Earth. 

Every gateway has its gatekeeper. A gateway and gatekeeper have great significance, both are a spiritual Presence, an Archetype or Archangel. 

THE KEY to doing this well lies in knowing the right thing to do, at the right time and right place, and in the right consciousness.

The Quantum Retreat is available on a very limited basis and is by application.

An introduction of the retreat program will be given to the qualified applicants. 

What People Are Saying About Genevieve's work. 

"Genevieve, what I have learnt through your "The Wheel of Time & Space" program is like a GATEWAY TO THE POSSIBLE! I’ve progressed hugely! The BIG thing that you have given me is a link to spirituality. Being able to link into ancient archetypes gives me a feeling of wholeness in my endeavours. The program helps me feel connected to how I want to be in the world, giving me support when I have doubts and confirmation when I am confused. It is helping me greatly in my own transformation and success in my work."

Joanne Frame, Kingston upon Hull , UK

"Modern science is just beginning to look into body-mind-spirit connection for healing, but Genevieve did her own research years ago finding the answers needed in Ancient Wisdom. "

Carolyn Clifford, ABC News - Healthy Living

"Genevieve, I am SOOO BLOWN AWAY. I have already started seeing huge results from your "Attracting Prosperity" program. I have researched as much as I could on the Law of Attraction. I've searched You Tube videos, listened to HIGH PAID PRO explain how to make the LOA work for you. Nothing I've come across has come close to as true and as as complete as your course. They touch on a part here and a part there but you would have to read and listen to 20 different people and still not hit home like you did. You are truer than true and I can't thank you enough for that. Thank you! Love you! "

Stacy Gary, Spring Field, IL.

"Genevieve the Universe gave it to me!!!! Thank you so much .... it was given 2 hours after I did your exercise "4 Steps To Quantum Leap Your Success." I did not expect it. This is very powerful, thank you again for the exercise. "

Rhea Saycon, VA Lab

" I really enjoy "The Wheel of Time & Time" program and I am so grateful for it. Very insightful for what would/could happen in each period. You certainly gave me HEADS UP on what to expect and how to deal with it. I have found everything to be very inspirational and helpful on my path forward. You are indeed a light shining on us. "

Carol Neal, USA

"As I started to read "The Wheel of Time & Space" program, it was uncanny how accurately it described what was happening in my life. It has been a great help to me in understanding how to go with the creative flow of Life, if I pay attention. I eagerly look forward to the next Solar Power Point teachings and guidance. Genevieve conveys insights on multiple levels, which have helped me find my At-One-ment with my Soul and the Universe. With her knowledge, personal experience, and huge heart you are certain to find spiritual treasures. "

Barbara Benson, Myrtle Beach, SC

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